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  1. I stand corrected. ?. I really didn't think she'd do it. Congrats to Adele.
  2. I'm really excited to see the final 1st week album totals. She's a talented beast. I'm expecting 1 million+. But those expecting it to beat Britney and Nsync's numbers . . . Idk.
  3. "No Sleeep" rebounded to #1 on adult r&b for its 10th week. "Unbreakable" has jumped to #10 on the same chart. Kinda wishing they'd send BIU or DB to mainstream pop, dance radio, and clubs soon.
  4. at 2016. I hope before Black Friday. I love Joseph Kahn's videos, too. He's done great with Taylor this year. And I still adore the "Doesn't Really Matter" video and some of his older vids.
  5. The ABC music lounge Twitter is promoting the song/album as seen on greys anatomy, too.
  6. Am I hearing "Lick Shots" or "Gossip Folks" on the end of this? It sounds like one of her older songs but I can't place it.
  7. I love the video, and that puppet danced just like Pharrell. The song is cute. I think I was expecting her to change up, though.
  8. Maybe we'll luck out, and they'll debut a video at the AMA. We know she won't be there, but JJ and TL can pop on stage since they're this era's spokes people. Some pre-black Friday buzz wouldn't hurt.
  9. Always thought he was cute. And he's a very good actor. Can't wait to see this. Btw, was he in quasi drag in that clip?
  10. Not today. It's on municipal where I live, and my city doesn't have anything to vote on. Next year will be loaded with president, congressional, and state related stuff.
  11. I STILL can't get over the fact that Terry of all people is doing interviews but not Janet. I almost thought he didn't speak.
  12. So, are these unofficial, or did they actually send these to clubs? I miss hearing Janet on the dance floor.
  13. That dj obscene mix with the rap had me feeling sexxxy at work today. . I didn't care who was out there watchin' as I did my burnitup bop.
  14. I don't think I really started getting an idea of what (I think) she's doing until yesterday. It was the first time I had heard "No Sleeep" on the radio. It was in the afternoon sandwiched between Patti LaBelle :You are my friend" and Brian McKnight "Back at One." The only people that really had R&B chart dominance like Janet were R. Kelly and Aretha, but that was mainstream. They still play her biggest hits classic pop and R&B. No one can deny she has influenced popular music, video, and culture. But could you imagine 15 years ago Janet being lumped in with Patti and Brian on adult R&
  15. I think it's Derrick Barry . . . Las Vegas Britney illusionist/drag queen. He was on America's Got Talent one season.
  16. Let me get my coins ready and clear my schedule for April. Yaaasss, Janhova! I'm keeping hope alive! ??
  17. It does make me think and HOPE that, as well. Her wording makes it sound like she has already given rights to distribute tour footage to someone.
  18. It does make me think and HOPE that, as well. Her wording makes it sound like she has already given rights to distribute tour footage to someone.
  19. I wonder if they're going after videos of any length. I've seen a lot ones on twitter and instagram that have stayed up, but they're all around 15 seconds. And like what was already said, Taylor has been doing the same thing. Except videos of her "guests" on stage don't seem to be yanked. Janet's people are apparently getting extra with professional photographers as well. The full contract is in the link: Term #1 of the contract states that the photographer can only shoot during 30 seconds of the first song at the concert. Once that tiny window is closed, that’s it. Term #2 says that the photo
  20. I love that show and am looking forward to movie. I can't believe it's been so long since I first saw the first few series on comedy central.
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