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The Legendary Official R I H A L L A H Thread

DJ Y2K Malone™

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I don't like her with long hair..

I agree, it makes her look like a typical average pretty girl next door, when she has a good cut/style, it makes her look like that bad bitch from out of town. Like she don't look bad with it but he SLAYS short hair, the only time I think she does with long hair is when it's a crazy color like RED!, or BLONDE!...but long black hair on her is so "A girl like me"

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Yea Black is my favorite color for her hair when it's above sholder length, but when it's longer, I want her to open that crayola box and get some inspiration lol. (not too much tho, I actually don't want to see her do a Nikki or Katy and go all Blue, purple, Pink, yellow etc., I like that she keeps her wild colors on the normal side.)

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