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The Legendary Official R I H A L L A H Thread

DJ Y2K Malone™

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Oh ain't nothing to deal with bby.

I mean, shit, if you in someone shadow, ofc you gon talk abt em. You know what I mean?

Not mad at it. I get why it's being done. Just some observations.


You know damn well Rihanna is not in that chicks shadow. Some people would say Beyonce tries to take a page out of Rihanna's book..

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Yet here u are in Rihanna's thread

Guess your a secret fan

Or missed that part of the rules about trolling official threads just to randomly start shit without contributing to any kind of conversation

Why are y'all entertaining her? :sigh:

God she's just gaming the thread. Trust.. I know when I'm being copied

You just inspire is all....

Could you imagine if I was a Beystan? :lmao:

OH DEAR GOD! I couldn't interact with you, I already learned to love you despite your fandom of..."someone else" if Bey were added to that HELLLLL no, too much.

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AGAIN, Rihanna sued by artist who claims her bondage-themed video for S&M was based on his fashion photographs (Saturday, Feb 15 2014)

  • -Philipp Paulus claims scenes in the video are lifted from his photography
  • -Universal Music failed to agree an out-of-court settlement, his lawyers say
  • -He has filed claims in court for a ban on the video and for damages

Rihanna's video to her number one single 'S&M', which has been watched by nearly 49 million people on YouTube, could be banned after a German photographer claims she copied his work.

New-York based Philipp Paulus, 22, from Germany, claims some scenes in the pop star's bondage-themed video were based on his fashion photography series "Paperworld".

Paulus' work included a woman in a red dress held against a wall in plastic wrapping with black tape X-marks


Rihanna's video, produced by her record label Universal Music, features the U.S popstar in a similar setup with plastic wrapping and crosses.

'It is shocking that a company like Universal music, which generates its turnover with intellectual property, copies the intellectual property completely unauthorised and without respect,' said Paulus, who is fighting his case in a court in Stuttgart, Germany.

Paulus' lawyer, copyright specialist Philip Jakober, said Universal Music Group had admitted the similarities some time ago but had not made a reasonable offer to settle the matter, prompting the legal case.


New-York based Philipp Paulus, 22, from Germany, claims a scene in the pop star's bondage-themed video was based on his fashion photography series "Paperworld"


One of the scenes from Rihanna's 'S&M' music video which a German artist says is copied from his work

He said: 'Certain video scenes of the music video 'S&M' are essentially the basics of the copyright protected achievements and creations of my client.'

In 2011 Paulus began legal action over the issue, shortly after another photographer accused Universal and Rihanna of stealing his ideas for the S&M video.

Well-kown American photographer David LaChapelle argued in documents filed in Manhattan Federal Court in New York City that certain scenes in the 'S&M' video were 'directly derived from and substantially similar' to eight of his photographs.

After failing to come to an out of court settlement with the music giants, Paulus has now filed claims for an injunction as well as a claim for damages.

If Paulus wins his case, Universal Music could face, among other things, a ban on broadcasting the video not only on YouTube but also on television worldwide.

'The ludicrous thing about this situation is that Universal Music has for some time been bringing about a wave of lawsuits against end users for copyright infringements, yet as far as our case is concerned the usage from the photo series 'Paperworld' by Philipp Paulus in the music video 'S&M' is a serious and worldwide infringement of copyright, which is the responsibility of Universal Music,' added lawyer Jakober.

Paulus' legal costs for the trial in Stuttgart are being funded by Foris Legal Financing from Bonn, which enables him to fight the music giant.


Paulus said: 'Of course as a young artist I am not prepared to use my whole start-up capital to fight against the cold shoulder of a big player like Universal Music. I am really happy that after the out-of-court settlement fell through almost two years ago I am now being given the opportunity to work with Foris and my lawyers to fight for my rights.'

Lawyer Jakober added: 'Universal music exploited the economic inferiority of my client in the out of court settlement talks. After Foris joined the case as the financer, those strategies will no longer work.'

In an earlier interview Paulus said he was amazed that Rihanna did not express more originality in her work.

'Why a worldwide celebrity is not able to afford a creative director, who creates individual concepts and staging, is incomprehensible to me,' he said.

Paulus added: 'While I really respect Rihanna's talents as a musician, nevertheless it is important to respect the creations of others, even young talent - and not to copy their work without legitimacy for earning money with it in order to make money.'

The case continues.


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Eh, I didn't ave my hopes too high, but damn that would've made a great cover, but it makes since that we won't get a cover until we at the VERY least get that 1st single.

I thought it was just a lil teaser to get us ready but I guess it's photoshopped :lol:. Loved it tho. Whoever did it is great

She should just go ahead and copy that shit. That album cover alone is magic

Yas! The cover is everything. If it was rela I would have hoped it was a dark album too.

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Rihanna is known for her shameless displays of unconcern. Whether in interviews or on her social media accounts, she expresses her mind freely and continually addresses situations in the most honest manner she knows how.

In celebration of Rihanna turning another year older this month, we’re honoring pop culture’s reigning mean girl with a recap of some of her best shade-throwing from the past year.

1. When She Took Chris Brown to the Grammy Awards


Rihanna and Chris Brown were glowing at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center on February 10, 2013. Twitter/RollingOut

When it comes to music's biggest night, what better way to throw a massive middle finger to your concerned fans and the entire industry by sitting beside your ex and convicted abuser. Rihanna did just that at the Grammy Awards in 2013, publicly verifying the troubled pair’s renewed friendship and stirring questions about just how close the two had grown in the months leading up to the ceremony.

Though things apparently cooled off between the two as the year continued, their Grammys appearance remains a legendary example of Rihanna's unabashed dedication to living her life as exactly how she chooses – even if it includes a little awards show cuddling with her ex.

2. When She Questioned the Relevance of Ciara’s Career

Rihanna slammed Ciara in an Instagram post last spring, questioning why the rival songstress was willing to let her feud with Rihanna be the focus of her interviews:

"Why am I still the main topic of her interviews!! She don't be shame tho? How she let em play her like that everytime?? It's like, "yea, I know you're here to talk about (insert album title) but we wanna talk about a more relevant topic... Rihanna!!!" Like she sits there and falls for it everytime!!" she said.

And though humility can be a lovely trait, it's nice to know Rihanna proudly recognizes her never-ending relevance in our lives.

3. When She Mocked Teyana Taylor and Snatched One of Her Checks


Rihanna changed her Twitter image to show her net worth compared to Taylor's. Twitter/Rihanna

After a questionable video was posted on Rihanna's Instagram account that appeared to mock the singer, Teyana took to her Twitter account to blast mean girl RiRi. Unfortunately for her, Taylor took her jabs a little to far and ultimately was dropped from her highly anticipated sneaker deal with Adidas.

On the other hand, Rihanna continues to pump out the promotional deals, magazine covers and lucrative MAC collaborations. No need to say who got the last laugh, again.

4. When She Repurposed Karrueche Tran’s Halloween Costume


Rihanna happily copied Karrueche Tran's Halloween look. Instagram/Karrueche and BadGalRiRI

It seems that RiRi never runs out of ways to subliminally call out Brown’s sometime girlfriend Karrueche Tran.

Just last Halloween, Tran posted a black-and-white picture to Instagram of her Chola-inspired costume. Days later, Rihanna posted several images to IG of her own Halloween costume -- a greyed-out female Chola look, eerily similar to Tran’s. But the kicker was the "zombie" paint that made her pictures appear to be black-and-white photos. The “coincidence” was beyond intentional. But we're sure Tran is numb to the disses by now.

5. When She Wanted to Be Anywhere But the MTV VMAs

Miley Cyrus, Drake, and Robin Thicke all received cold stares from RiRi during the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. That warm August night marked some of her most hilarious expressions of both annoyance and discontent.

She came.

She saw.

She was unimpressed.

6. When She Attempted to Elevate the Doobie Wrap to an Actual Hairstyle

The epitome of "I don't care" came when Rihanna attended the 2013 American Music Awards with her hair in a doobie wrap -- a way that women set their hair at night for it to be more easily styled the next day. She was there to receive the AMAs' first Icon Award ever presented to an artist. But Rihanna threw some bedazzled bobby pins in her doobie, walked on stage and successfully showed the audience and millions of viewers at home that the freshness of her hair comes before any measly musical honor.

And with that, here's to yet another year of unapologetic side eyes and shade!

:lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: @ this being the IBT website though.. :lmao:

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