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AWWW Whitney Fashmob ...and they even dance like her


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"Mary J. BLIIIYYYYYGE" :lmao:

"Bitch I dont wanna smell you or feel you"

"WOOOOOOOOOOO how high am I?"

And P!nk (Mo Collins) and the dancers doing the same move for all the songs.............you cant EVER tell me that Debra Wilson (who wrote this entirely) wasnt a fan of Nippy, you had to LOVE her to know Nippys movements in those videos, hell they even had the remix to I'm Every Women....this was thoughtout very well lol.

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Those Mad TV skits are some of the best memories from middle school. Debra Wilson is a genius, her Whitney, Oprah, and Bunifah always did it for me(Mo Collins and Nicole Sullivan too).

The clubs there played her dance remixes a lot even before she died.

Whitney is a club and party staple, of course they'll play her music. If I go to an event, I'm sure to hear the remixes of "Million Dollar Bill", "It's Not Right But It's Okay", "Heartbreak Hotel", "My Love Is Your Love", or "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" and "How Will I Know".

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