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The Janet Jackson Accomplishments Thread

Mr. Wonder

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Time: Top 10 Nude Magazine Covers

Janet Jackson, Rolling Stone


The year 1993 was when a 24-year-old Janet Jackson came of age. After signing a contract worth nearly $50 million with Virgin Records, Jackson debuted on her new label the sexually charged album janet. It was chock-full of racy lyrics, but the carnality didn't stop there. For janet's cover, photographer Patrick Demarchelier snapped shots of the pop star shirtless, her chest covered only by then boyfriend Rene Elizondo's hands. According to the Los Angeles Times, Jackson offered photos from the session to Rolling Stone for its September 1993 cover story on the pop star. "We had a choice of shooting her ourselves," said Laurie Kratochvil, Rolling Stone's director of photography. "But they offered us this, and the image is very powerful. With the album, you get the face on the front and the stomach and legs on back. We get the middle part."



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Slant Magazine: Best Albums of the '80s


43. Janet Jackson, Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814. "Don't get me in here acting all silly now." Nice try, Janet, but with Rhythm Nation, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis got you in here acting all sober now. At least for three or four songs, anyway. The follow-up to Control's redux debut is in equal measure self-enlightened, self-defining, and self-pleasuring. The title track and "The Knowledge" lean heavy on new-jack beats, while "Alright" and "Escapade" radiate the Minneapolis sound at its warmest (she must've recorded them the one week it didn't snow there). And with seven hits (the final of which reached number one almost a year and a half after the album was released), it was one of the decade's biggest chartbusting juggernauts. Get the point? Good. EH


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Get the point? Good. EH


Surprised Control didn't make it, though. And at least one of them should be a little higher than that.

As for the dated VH1 list discussion. Honestly, I was bracing for the worst. She was really low on the '90s list, and we all know how these publications often snub Janet. Her top 10 placement satisfied me. The only thing that made it bittersweet was how Gaga, Beyonce and ADELE(!) were above her. Insanity.

Like, I get that Gaga has made a huge impact. But there other women who have made huge impacts and then promptly fallen off. To put her in the top five is... just bizarre. And for all we know Adele could be the next Shania Twain/Norah Jones.

And then there's P!nk and Christina over Britney... :mellow:

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I think "Control" will probably rank in the 11-20 range, 21-30 at the lowest. Although if it does, I don't agree with Slant thinking Control is better than RN1814. :umm:

And P!nk and Xtina are rightfully so over Britney. While Britney is more popular, butThe at the end of the day she's nothing more than just a famous pop star. She's not taken seriously as an artist, she has peaked commercially, artistically, and performance wise all before she even hit 30. She's an icon, I'll give her that. But she'll forever represent the consequences of fame. P!nk and Xtina are widely respected artists, having been praised by their peers and those who have come before them. They are respected for their talents, and arguably make better music.

But in reality that entire list was just utterly ridiculous. Beyonce, Adele, and Gaga over Whitney, Janet, and Scar Blidge is unjustifiable. They've had success for half the amount of time as the three 90s women, and haven't accomplished, impacted, or influenced the pop landscape to the magnitude of Whit, Jan, and Scar. But I guess VH1 needs to appeal to a demographic, so naturally they'd place them there despite how inaccurate Bey, Gagz, and Adele's rankings are.

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Slant Magazine: Best Albums of the '80s


31. Janet Jackson, Control. The story goes that Papa Jackson warned producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, former members of the Time, not to make his daughter sound too much like Prince on her breakthrough album, Control. Not only did they fail, but they failed spectacularly. The keyboards and synth melodies on tracks like "What Have You Done for Me Lately" and "You Can Be Mine" are quintessential Minneapolis pop, but Jam and Lewis also previewed what would become their signature industrial beats and spliced-and-diced vocal treatments (which, it should be noted, is all the rage in indie pop today) on the title track. Janet would go on to release more "important" albums (namely Rhythm Nation and The Velvet Rope), but track for track, Control is still her strongest. Her albums would get longer as her waistline got slimmer, but Control boasts little padding. SC


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Rolling Stone


26. Janet Jackson, Rhythm Nation


A&M, 1989

The baby sister in the family grows up with a bang, flexing her girlish voice over those sleek, rocking Jam & Lewis funk beats. We still don't know what "1814" means, and we don't care.

Essential moment: "Rhythm Nation," biting a Sly Stone guitar lick for a headbanging good time.


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Rolling Stone


53| 1993 Janet Jackson grows up on 'Janet'


Celebrating her most personal music to date, she also models her expertly shielded upper torso on the cover of Rolling Stone. The rumor that Janet and Michael are the same person dies overnight.


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The full list...

50. Sean "Diddy" Combs

49. Babyface

48. Barry White

47. Boyz II Men

46. Toni Braxton

45. Earth, Wind and Fire

44. Rihanna

43. TLC

42. Teddy Pendergrass

41. Erykah Badu

40. Anita Baker

39. Etta James

38. New Edition

37. Donny Hathaway

36. Teena Marie

35. Alicia Keys

34. Frankie Beverly and Maze

33. Sade

32. Janet Jackson

31. Ashford and Simpson

30. Timbaland

29. Aaliyah

28. Jill Scott

27. D'Angelo

26. Usher

25. Ray Charles

24. Gamble and Huff

23. Lauryn Hill

22. Maxwell

21. Lionel Richie

20. R. Kelly

19. Patti LaBelle

18. Chaka Khan

17. Gladys Knight

16. Quincy Jones

15. Sam Cooke

14. James Brown

13. Beyoncé

12. Mariah Carey

11. Diana Ross

10. Mary J. Blige

09. Isley Brothers

08. Curtis Mayfield

07. Luther Vandross

06. Whitney Houston

05. Prince

04. Marvin Gaye

03. Stevie Wonder

02. Michael Jackson

01. Aretha Franklin


There is no good reason Janet should be ranked in the 30s. :rolleyes:


I should've read properly. They're listed "in no particular order". Still... Janet should be higher. :filenails:

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