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Women go crazy over a mug shot..


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He was convicted of robbery and assault. Oh, I'll judge him alright. And is that a teardrop tattoo? :umm: There is no way in hell.


Exactly :lmao: I mean it's one thing if it's someone who did his time and is seriously trying to turn his life around. Even then you should be skeptical, but you'd at least have reason to give him a chance. This mofo just got arrested and probably had priors given the tattoo I pointed out. People need to boost their standards a bit, my gosh. :lol:

It's not that serious.. He is just a sexy felon.. Let it be what it is.. admire those lips and eyes.. 

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:coffee: tho I don't believe it.. He's serving for gun possession.. And allegedly, walking while black according To his mother


Why would you get a tattoo which means you probably murdered someone if you didn't actually do it? We'll see if he's guilt of these other charges when the trial comes up. No doubt this'll be on HLN since they were talking about it this morning.

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