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Janet makes 2nd & 6th place in Rolling Stones top 20 VMA openings


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6 Janet Jackson (1990)

MTV's Video Vanguard Award is the VMA equivalent of a lifetime achievement award, and even though Janet Jackson — the 1990 recipient — had only been a substantial presence on the channel for three years, she made a huge mark with her hyper-precise dance moves, stylized videos and songs that celebrated female empowerment. Before receiving her Moonman at the 1990 show, she opened the festivities with a rip-roaring performance of her scalding Rhythm Nation 1814 track "Black Cat," showing off her ability to channel the feline sensibility before ripping open her crisp white button-down to reveal a black bra, much to the audience's surprise.

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2 Janet Jackson's Michael Jackson Tribute (2009)

The 2009 Video Music Awards came less than two months after the death of Michael Jackson — a name so synonymous with MTV that there's an award named after him — so there was no doubt the King of Pop would be a focus of the ceremony. Madonna, his nearest peer in those halcyon MTV days, opened things up with a speech about Jackson, which then segued to a troupe dancing along with some of MJ's greatest videos. The highlight, of course, was Janet Jackson performing their dual hit "Scream" alongside video of her late brother. It was cathartic to watch the Jackson siblings dancing together onstage, Janet in the foreground, Michael on the video screen, their moves perfectly synchronized. After the miscast memorial concert at the Staples Center a month earlier, this was the King of Pop tribute America deserved.

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/lists/20-best-mtv-vmas-opening-performances-20140822#ixzz3BCEPcvfe 
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you know she got her life when he featured her interludes. that performance was everything. he should be higher on that list and Doesn't Really Matter should be on there somewhere.


The TTWLG/If performance should be on there before DRM is even considered :umm:

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I think someone on J.C said it best "And yet no one outside of the fan community remembers them"

DRM >>> TTWLG/if


And they remember Black Cat? Really? And BC is my favourite out of all of them.


Not at all :umm:.

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