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The Janet Jackson Sales Thread

Mr. Wonder

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It was more than obvious that we were talkin about remixes that are REMIXES as in different music. Hence to me saying "when she does an urban remix of a song to grab the blacks"... That Breakdown "remix" is practically the original, which was already "urban" ..there was no change. Wtf. Moving on.

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#173 JACKSON*JANET DESIGN OF A DECADE 1986-1996 4,290 copies. Total 2,458,708


Billboard 200

188    (173) –    31    Design Of A Decade 1986/1996    -    Janet Jackson    

Top Catalog Albums

31    (24) –    16    Design Of A Decade 1986/1996    -    Janet Jackson

R&B/Hip-Hop Catalog Albums

11    (9) –    44    Design Of A Decade 1986/1996 -    Janet Jackson

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Week 1: 108,689

Week 2: 27,879

Week 3: 18,888


Week 1: 7,517

Week 2: 2,500


Week 1: 1,839


Week 1: 1,690


Week 1: 2,500


Week 1: 4,300


Week 1: 3,880

Week 2:  3,826

Week 3: 3,040



I'll update when I can. Also updated the OP.

Didn't Billboard say 116,000 first week and 30,000 second week?

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Thank you. ^_^

All the Control singles were certified gold in late 1990. So they wouldn't be eligible for the 1 million threshold. That said, UKMix estimates her singles as follows:

Janet Jackson    Young Love    170 
Janet Jackson    Come Give Your Love To Me    190 
Janet Jackson    What You Have Done For Me Lately    900 
Janet Jackson    Nasty    950 
Janet Jackson    When I Think Of You    900 
Janet Jackson    Control    850 
Janet Jackson    Let's Wait A While    900 
Janet Jackson    The Pleasure Principle    550 
Janet Jackson    Miss You Much    1300 
Janet Jackson    Rhythm Nation    900 
Janet Jackson    Escapade    1000 
Janet Jackson    Alright    650 
Janet Jackson    Come Back To Me    550 
Janet Jackson    Blackcat    800 
Janet Jackson    Love Will Never Do    700 
Janet Jackson    The Best Things In Life Are Free    400 
Janet Jackson    That's The Way Love Goes    1400 
Janet Jackson    If    900 
Janet Jackson    Again    1450 
Janet Jackson    Because Of You    300 
Janet Jackson    Anytime Anyplace    750 
Janet Jackson    You Want This    550 
Janet Jackson    Scream    1000 
Janet Jackson    Runaway    1100 
Janet Jackson    Together Again    1500 
Janet Jackson    I Get Lonely    1100 
Janet Jackson    What's It Gonna Be?    1050 
Janet Jackson    Girlfriend/Boyfriend    200 
Janet Jackson    Does It Really Matter    800 
Janet Jackson    All For You    600 
Janet Jackson    Somebody To Call My Lover    350 
Janet Jackson    Son Of A Gun    15 
Janet Jackson    Just A Little While    10 
Janet Jackson    Call On Me    60

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She's already past 200k.....she's at 236k worldwide according to a chart news tweet from 5 days ago

good and with the tour hitting Japan in about another week and her European dates i'm sure she'll go at least gold. It's about time she went on a big tour overseas 

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