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The last movie you saw at home/cinema - MOST POPULAR THREAD 2013/14


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On 5/24/2020 at 1:53 PM, vibeology said:

Farming - A

Its about a young black British boy who is "farmed" out to live with a white family and he joins a white supremacy group. Based on a true story it was somewhat harrowing to watch yet I was still engaged.

white people let blacks join those groups?

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11 hours ago, Selz said:

I saw Parasite at the cinema - what did you think of it? (obviously a lot because you gave it an A :lol: )

class warfare. The ever increasing gap between the poor and the wealthy. The idea some have so much and live oblivious to the plight of the poor. The poor family were good people, the rich people weren't shit. Parasite had some funny moments :lol:  the take away is if the poor have to go to the extremes they did just to work for a living, shit is fucked up yo -_- 

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just saw WW 1984, chile :umm: 

1. Since when did she fly? I dont care if her golden lasso can catch lightning, gurl bye :umm:

2. Barbara, gurl I get wanting to be someone hot and powerful, but the transition to being an animal, ummm how ,why?:umm: 

3. Is it me or did the world just go to hell in less than 30 minutes with no questions asked like ummm okay :umm:

I can't give it more than a B- sorry :coffee: 

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