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**The OFFICIAL Real Housewives Of Atlanta THREAD**


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Why did I come off as if I was in need? Is Lil Bill putting you up to this? :unsure: Well I guess thanks I'm almost at 400 :clapping:

i agreed with the stuff you said so gave you points each time. nope i havent even talked to little bill i think nick jr took his phone away :shifty:

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boy don't you have cable? :rolleyes:

I do but it's so many channels to go thru I don't even know which one is Bravo, plus when I download I can play it from my computer thru the HDMI to the flat screen and that shit be crystal clear I download the shit in HD I swear the picture be on some other level shit.

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don't Dayz...just don't <_<

already did,I'm afraid.

Hotboy [ Oh Okay ] Hotboy :filenails:

Thats how I feel about 98% of your posts.

that wouldnt be much fun. :( Marlo is crazy, a true bitch and pure ignorant entertainment. Isnt that what these shows are all about anyway? :rolleyes: She needs to stay. :thumbup:

Yeah but I dont even like looking at her face. :lol:

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I just found out that the chick who runs StraightfromtheA.com is fucking bob Sheree's ex husband and that"s why the bitch comes for sheree all the time on that site :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:

Ugh,..who would actually wanna do that. The man look like a cross-eyed cookie monster. :huh:

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well maybe he is really good at eating that cookie. i know a bitch right now that is with a man because he knows how to munch on that oatmeal raisin. OKAY!

well truth be told Xtube is getting old and I'm not getting younger I need a good milking :cheers: like dat I wake up in the morning and wanna cook foe yo ass

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