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  1. I absolutely love being a libra. I don't think I am infatuated with people though. Nor do I really put a lot of stock in relationships. I'm a little bit too selfish with my time at the moment.
  2. It's not that serious. He clearly doesn't think Janet is trash because he's on an unofficial board talking about her, presumably brought the album and presumably brought concert tickets. Janet needs to get well and slay and needs to take as much time off as needed to ensure that this is not a recurring theme. Gil being Gil I think caused these reschedules/cancels to be worse by insinuating that her medical excuses were fake.
  3. I purchased the album off her website as well and didn't hear anything about this.
  4. Girl - you need to tell us about your experience!
  5. I am supporting, as I did in 2008, the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. Decades of experience of getting tangible results in a partisan field and a record of fighting for families, children, and others without a voice. At such a crucial time in our country's landscape we simply cannot afford to advance a liberal in an election where most of the voting country is still quite moderate. I would love a Clinton/Sanders ticket.
  6. I didn't know there was a meet and greet option for the tour. WTF HAVE I BEEN!?!
  7. Ehhh.. I think she could've kept this lol
  8. Voted for Jan. I'm so happy. Also can't believe Chaka Khan the legend, is 1.) not already in the hall of fame and 2.) is so low in the public polling.
  9. Let's keep the conversation going..
  10. Future. Future Vandross. Future Hendrix . Future Luther King Jr. Super Future.
  11. fuck is that 1st f word? also - i don't. Im thinking of getting the apple watch those to track my workout.
  12. Knocks on my Beats by Dre Solo 2s too!!! DAMMN BABY!!!
  13. I've already seen some of my friends turning up to it on my instagram.
  14. I hope she makes a dancing music video to shut the hater down at 49.
  15. I'm not going to rank the album right now because I'm hype but I will go on record by saying I am not a huge fan of the Janet album. It might actually be my least favorite Janet album after her first two.
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